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Joining the Supreme Court Bar

In honor of my joining the Supreme Court of the United States Bar this week, I am writing a blog about some of the fun facts about the Supreme Court and what the experience is like becoming an officer of the highest court in the land.

1)    The highest court in the land is actually a basketball court.  This is a little bit of an inside joke.  But the Justices love to play basketball.  They even had a court build above the actual courtroom that is lovingly referred to as “the highest court in the land.”

2)    The Supreme Court does not have bar ID cards.  Most bars provide members cards to prove who they are when they come to court.  So few people are permitted to practice in the Supreme Court, they have dispensed with cards.

3)    The building is gorgeous—and open to the public.  The Court is in a classical style.  And the first floor is filled with busts and paintings of various justices.  For anyone who likes architecture, I strongly recommend visiting.

4)    The Ten Commandments are in the courtroom, but not the way you might think.  A number of cases came up not long ago about the Ten Commandments in courthouses.  Interestingly enough, the US Supreme Court has a gorgeous frieze around the top of the courtroom depicting history’s great law givers from Hammurabi to Napoleon.  And one of several dozen figures depicted is Moses with the Ten Commandments.

5)    As restricted as it may seem, the court is the public’s court.  Anyone can enter, take a tour, and even hear oral argument.  I highly recommend visiting to anyone.

Joining the US Supreme Court bar was a wonderful experience.  It is an amazing feeling that very few get to experience standing in front of the most famous jurists of our time and hearing them call out your name.  The Chief Justice swore me in with a big smile on his face.  And it was a great honor.